The challenge in recapping any trip is in capturing the things you will want to remember later on, the things that made you smile and the moments that made you feel close and connected, or brave and daring, or in awe of where you are. 

Here are some tips for documenting the things worth remembering:

Think about the people.

We travel to beautiful places, and take hundreds of pictures of the scenery, yet somehow forget to capture those who were brave/willing/stupid enough to come with us. What you are doing might be awesome, where you are doing it might be beautiful, but our best memories are made through connection. Don't forget the people.

-> This photo, cause even though we weren't on the same team at the #omnigames, I LOVE this girl! And the one who took the photo too! Thanks for filling my love tank!

Focus on the Positive

"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."G. K. Chesterton

Because of how we are wired as humans, the negative stuff seems to shine the brightest. We see this most dramatically in relationships, where what hurts outshines all the good. Letting the positive take center stage is not only healthy for your mind and soul, it bring perspective, calms emotions and gives you the confidence to succeed at other tasks.   

<- This photo, 'cause we didn't score so well at archery. Positive: We DID hit the target! 

Remember Strong Emotions

Emotions are theorized to play a central role in the creation of meaning in our minds. Simply put, if it weren't for emotions, how would we know if some things mattered? Chances are, if there were strong emotions at some point, it mattered to you. The trick is to realize what you are feeling, and become aware of that meaning.

-> This photo, cause a lot of people fell off of this high ropes element, and it was pretty easy for me. I felt proud and confident, something I hadn't felt much during the #omnigames. I felt like I was contributing to my team, and happy to show off some of my skillz. Thanks @DavidCreech for taking this photo. :) 

Recognize Unique Moments

Every so often things happen that are completely unique - like that time you said "badgers" and "dentistry" in the same coherent sentence. What makes it valuable is that you KNOW you will probably never say that in the correct context again. Awareness of the unique moments makes them valuable, no matter how big or small.

<- This photo, because I've never gotten to test a pre-release piece of uber techy gear before. 

I have also never stood on a podium next to a model. 

I haven't had the Columbia "Turbo Down" nearly long enough, or have anything to compare it to yet, but I'm beginning to think it's awesome. Regardless, I know this was a unique moment for me. Thank you @AnneCarneyMedia for helping me remember it. :)

In the spirit of Trying Stuff and Remembering Things, I'm happy to share the story of Team #MoreCowbell as we've worked through the Omniten, Omnigames, and some generally awesome life stuff.

Come meet us at:

  The #TryingStuff Life!


01/14/2014 12:45

HOLY COW ALEYA. The #tryingstuff life is AWESOME.

01/14/2014 12:57

That photo of ya'll laughing is the best. I had yet to see it but it sums up the week perfectly.


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