This whole #TryingStuff experience, recapping the adventures with Columbia, and making such amazing friends has made me a bit antsy... 

After all, what good is life changing if you don't change your life?
I've had this idea for a long time now: Crowd-sourced adventures, planned and executed in 7 days total. 

Living a the Trying Stuff life doesn't mean you have to turn into a ski bum, dirtbag climber, quit your job or become independently wealthy, Tiny Adventures can be found everywhere. A 7 day adventure is just one way to try something new, and to define success however you like!

Step 1: Set a beginning date.
Step 2: Wait...
Step 3: Once your week starts, start planning! 
Step 4: Document! Record itineraries, information sources, ideas, budgets, packing lists, everything - so that your trip can be duplicated or learned from. 

So, I'm gonna do it. 

My start date is January 25th, 2014, and I'm gonna do my best not to think about it till then. There are tons of amazing places within driving distance of where I live, and quite a few other flight destinations I can afford too. 

I'm gonna need your help, so PLEASE leave ideas in the comments below. And if you want to come with.... I'm always down for an adventure partner! 

Here is to the ultimate way of living - #TryingStuff!


01/17/2014 12:21

Drive a few hours south and climb 11 Mile Canyon with me. :)

Or a 14er.

Or roast hot dogs with my family in the back yard. Plenty to do when you're hanging with me.

01/17/2014 13:47

Woah! What's 11 mile canyon??

01/17/2014 12:27

It wouldn't work for winter, but Heidi and I are hoping to "trail run" a 14er this summer. Come try with us!

01/17/2014 13:48

Oh dear, no running! PLEASE no running!!!

Ok, maybe...


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