By the Thermal Vac Chamber at Goddard
It's here! Again...

For those of you who survived STS-133 Tweetup 1.0, you may remember I ran a photo contest because I felt left out. I was stuck in sunny California, silently wishing I was caught up in the excitement and glory of the #NASATweetup.

Due to the heartrending indefinite postponement of the launch, the contest was postponed as well... until now! Launch is scheduled for tomorrow, and as I read tweets of those heading to the Space Coast I'm happy to say I get to join in the fun this time as well! (READS: I'm blogging this from a mifi in the back of a car with 3 boys who drove from DC at 4am this morning.)

So lets try this contest thing again...

I think this Boldness thing is going to turn into a heading  for the whole moving across the country project...

I'm sentimental. How sentimental I didn't realize until recently. I found a scrap book with ticket stubs and other paper treasures from 7 years ago, and a whole drawer of trinkets from events I've attended that I just can't seem to part with.

I've been struggling for a while with a desire to live a minimalistic lifestyle, and the desire to preserve memories. There is something about an uncluttered life that really appeals to me. The ability to pack up and move whenever you want. Having few things to care for. Your space being cleaner, for the most part. I like all of that. I also like knowing that my kids will be able to see the NASA Tweetup badges I've collected, and the ticket stubs from my trips overseas. With my big cross country relocation happening rather soon, I need to figure out how to find a balance.

Here is what I'm learning.

adj. bold·er, bold·est
1. Fearless and daring; courageous.
2. Requiring or exhibiting courage and bravery.
3. Unduly forward and brazen; impudent: a bold, sassy child.
4. Clear and distinct to the eye; conspicuous: a bold handwriting.
5. Steep or abrupt in grade or terrain: bold cliffs.

A lot of people talk about being brave. Some things in life require bravery. Talking to that guy/girl, applying for that job, saving that baby from a grizzly bear. Bravery or courage is about doing what is right in spite of fear or opposition. Bravery is good.

But I prefer boldness.

Badass in the boots.
Two words: Electric boots.

Whaaaat?!? I got to field test these babies, courtesy of Columbia's new Omniheat product line. I'm sure you've all seen the commercials - hot girl in small clothes is rolling in the snow, and as soon as she puts the jacket on, she is warm. Thank goodness, I was so worried (*Sarcasm). Who knew they were making BOOTS too!!
Winter is conference season for us NASA education folk. So far I've been to AGU in San Francisco, and AAS and AMS in Seattle. (No I'm not going to spell out the acronyms for you.) The dual conference thing in Seattle landed me three weeks in that grey and beautiful city, five days of which I took and escaped to Hawaii with. I figured I'm half way there, I might as well go the rest of the way, right? I'd find a cheap ticket to paradise, spend 5 days on the Big Island seeing the sights. That should be easy, right?

This post is about just that.
Somewhere on the east side of the Big Island