Columbia responded to our (very loud) requests for a multi-season gathering with the creation of the Columbia OmniTen OmniGames! The games will take place in Park City, UT this January, right around the time of the Olympic Games. On January 8th, seasons 1-4 will descend, locked and loaded to participate in a variety of games we can only guess about. Let the training begin... 
So how do you train for something you don't know anything about? S4's Omniten, Patrick has chosen the beer drinking plan. S3's Omniten, Eric has created a wonderful 28 Days to a New Habit plan. Me, I am going to adopt a combination of both! (Sort of.) People fail at exercise regimes and New Years resolutions for many reasons, but a big one is that there are no clearly defined goals and milestones. Saying "I want to get ready for the Omnigames" just isn't enough. There needs to be a measurable end result. So, in addition to joining Eric in his healthy eating and exercise plan, I am making my own "healthy life" outline. Care to join?

Step 1: Increase weekly exercise amount. 
Right now that looks like going to the climbing gym and taking advantage of their yoga classes and weight equipment too. To achieve this I'll have to make a log documenting how much I exercise, and then create a reasonable schedule that allows for increased time as the weeks pass.

Step 2: Adopt a goal
I'm no fitness coach, so I found this graphic online. The exercises will help my climbing and give me something to shoot for each day, so I'm gonna go for it!

Step 3: Allow for gaps, mistakes and failure
Often the anxiety of starting something new is enough to deter us from starting to begin with, and the potential for failure keeps us from pressing onward. My strategy to overcome this involves two things. First, I always pretend like I started yesterday. Day 1 is always hard, so why not just start with day two? Give it a try, your pattern of thinking is significantly different when you are doing something you have done before, versus beginning something new. Second, I have learned to forgive. If I work toward a goal, but miss a day (or 5), I know the damage I do by punishing myself is worse than missing days. So why add more suffering by feeling bad? Adopt a "go with it" attitude and learn to be kind to yourself. 

Step 4: Become internally motivated
The Omnigames are external motivation. I'll be running around with some awesome adventure athletes, and I don't want to look silly (though I am sure I will). A healthy lifestyle, however, is more important than just the games. It's a good external push, but being committed to living well will help me establish a life long habit of healthy eating and exercise.

I'd love more tips and suggestions for this last month of hardcore training before the Omnigames, so PLEASE leave them in the comments below! 


12/09/2013 20:35

See you there! Better be ready for the pain train!

12/10/2013 07:30

Yeahhhhhhhhh! Regardless of whatever we're doing, it's going to be awesome!


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