So I came home today and there was a box on my doorstep... 

This post is about that, and how synthetic materials and card board made me cry.
Me being confused.
Apparently I was picked to be part of the 2013 #OmniTen crew. I say apparently because I am not sure I really believe it yet. I was told I was getting some left over swag when I handed out my address - not the summer of my dreams. I felt immediately compelled to write this because while #OmniTen is insanely cool, it is so much more than that. 

Since my entry into the social media world in 2009 where I helped to launch NASA into the "Tweetup" world, I have been adamant that at its best Twitter, blogs (and maybe FaceBook) are mediums for connection. From a brand perspective, it is the opportunity to create a relationship with customers and to convey the value system within your company. In that way you build a community, not just a following, that holds your values and carries your message into the future. From the daily user perspective, this is the chance to choose your family and friends based on interests, passions and beliefs. It is the chance to craft a community around what you hold most dear. For those of us who found each other through the love of climbing and the outdoors, it has meant countless in-person meetups, inspiration to make the most out of our lives, a sense of belonging and even a place to go for comfort when times are hard. This community, to me, is priceless.  

The awesome OmniFreeze shirt..

Aaaaand here come the tears. 

As some of you know, I am in graduate school for Adventure Therapy. I love being outside so much that I decided to make it my job to take others there and help them experience the same healing that I have. Grad school, however, is hard. It is hard, and expensive, and requires hours of reading and writing and a very long unpaid internship. It is good, and it also sucks. Today of all days, on my way home from Denver, I lost it. I confided in my best friend that I felt lonely, even though I was surrounded by people. I also have less time to myself and time to play. After two years, it's really starting to get to me. 

And then I pulled into my driveway and found this:

Unopened, of course. But this was inside
Gear? Yeah, stuff is awesome. I love stuff. It's why I first started climbing. It's so much more than that though, it is a reminder of who I am, who I still am underneath all this grad school. It is an invitation back into the world and community I love so much. This silly box brought my heart back home...

Ok, there is always a message. What is it? (Other than that I will be blogging again!)

1. We are born for connection.
I spent half my grad school career learning this single concept. We are born for relationship and connection. If you need more in your life, go get it. If you have a wealth, share. You never know how far your influence will go.

2. Our true selves are never truly lost.
While temporary and transient things like work or school may seem to change us, underneath we are still the same, and that person can come back if we let it. All we have to do is remind ourselves, and the sweet/funny/determined/happy/sarcastic/smart/loyal/generous parts of us start to show through again. With digging, they come back to stay.

Thank you so much Columbia for helping me start to dig. 


Aunt Jill
04/19/2013 18:46

You are gonna rock those purple shoes! You truly inspire me.

04/19/2013 18:53

Hello! Heidi here from the inaugural #Omniten crew. Saying that being a part of the #Omniten has been life-changing is an understatement. Welcome to one of the best families you'll ever find! xo

04/20/2013 17:46

Congrats on getting chosen! Promise, it's a great experience and you'll love every second like we all have :) Yay!

04/21/2013 07:07

yes - yes - and yes - looking forward to meeting the crew!


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